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Its the beginning of a new week and that means lots of new learning.

Our class have been learning about ourselves and our families.  Where we come from and what shapes us as an individual. Students have been invited to bring something from home that represents them and their culture and to share why this item means so much to them too.

We are also going to be making "otai" this Friday, as a part of sharing food from around the Pacific. This is part of our Inquiry learning and Maths. Children will make and share the beverage with the class Friday afternoon!

Our class also has a special project that will be running through out the year. We are looking at creating a school garden near our fale and are looking for families who may be interested in being a part of this project. If you want to be part of our team, pop in and let me know, and I will keep you updated with the work we are doing.

Last, but not least...a friendly reminder to parents to return student permission slip t…

Good Morning Room 6 Whanau

Welcome back to the new school year! Room 6 are looking forward to our new learning journey and I hope you're on board with us too.

Don't forget to sign the cyber safety forms so I can post pics of classroom learning.