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This Is Me!

Kia Ora whanau,

Welcome back to a new week of learning and sharing.

This week, we are learning to write stories about things we like and enjoy doing everyday.
We will learn to describe people or items, sound out and spell new words as well as continuing to learn strategies to help us write long and short sentences (to help add a bit of impact for our readers!)

In reading, we are sounding out new words, and looking at word families e.g.  "oo" words like boot, shoot, root... or  "all" words like ball, call, fall etc
We are also learning to look for evidence in the text to support our ideas.

Maths will always be one of the favourite learning areas for the boys. Keep up with practice of  basic facts e.g 3+2,   6+4, 3+3.  We have a little competition in our class to help us figure out who is best at recalling our BF numbers.  We  continue to learn about patterns and shapes. Making patterns ourselves and identifying which shape would come next e.g  what shape is in the 1…

Fun Friday Pt 3


Enjoying our Fun Fridays! Pt 2

Fun Friday part 2!

Fun Fridays! Otai Day this afternoon!

Having fun learning in class! Making otai Friday afternoon... Learning through talk, sharing our culture from around the Pacific!


Week 4 Learning...

Kia Ora Whanau,

Last week rolled up quickly and again, lots of new learning happening too. Maths, we have been focusing on strategies for subtracting numbers e.g  7-4=  ?    15-4= ?  and 56-5=?

Don't forget to practise basic facts with your children e.g 5+2     7+3   ...all those fast facts you need to know instantly! We have started a class competition and its fun when our tamariki practise at home too.

Your children will also be bringing  home a new book each night to read or share with you. If they are finding it too difficult to read to you, you can read to them and ask them questions about the text.  Keep it short and enjoy the time together!

Tomorrow, students will be sharing an item that is special to them and I will be recording and sharing on this blog. Please, a friendly reminder, sign the permission slip so I can post pics and clips of your child's work.

Watch this space for pics of us making otai in class last Friday! We had a fantastic time making i…