Welcome to Term 2!

Kia ora whanau!

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to our new families to Kingsford School!  Room 6 have started off Term 2 with a massive bang and are ready to rock and roll with our learning.

This term we have lots of fun and new activities that will be happening within our learning community and are looking forward to seeing more of you.

A friendly reminder to all families…children bring home books everyday. Please check their bags so that they can share new learning with you. 

We would also like to let you know that we have an awesome team of buddy readers from Aorere College who are part of the “Helping Hands” community. They will be spending Friday afternoons with the Junior teams, reading and sharing about the wonderful world of books.

Room 6 would also like to say a massive “HAPPY MOTHERS DAY” to our mothers, aunts, grand mothers and sisters who play a vital role in the lives of our little ones.  The children shared and wrote something special about the people in their lives. I hope you enjoy these special words.

Until next time….

                       My mum is famous! She sings beautiful songs and she can dance too.
                                                                            By Shalom

                                                                         Mum is running.

                                                                                 By Austin

                                                               Mum has beautiful hair
                                                                                  By Elysia

                                            I am blowing bubbles with my Mum and sister Sienna.
                                                                      By India Rose


                                My mum has beautiful black hair and long pretty eyelashes.
                                                                            By Jonas

                                                                   My Aunty is pretty.
                                                                           By Jordan

                                                I love my mum because she gets me everything.
                                                                             By Marcus

                                         My Nana takes me to school everyday. I love my Nana!
                                                                            By Shiloh

                                                       Mum is a fast runner. She is beautiful.
                                                                                By Talos

                                                       I am watching my Mum play rugby.
                                                                             By Te Kura

                                                              My mum is eating lollypops.
                                                                         By Zeehan


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