Weird Science!!!

Kia ora whanau.

We would like to welcome the new students to our classroom...

 Jordan, Josephine, Karl and Sharney.  They have all settled well into our classroom routines and it is great to see that most have made awesome progress with their learning.

Over the next few weeks, we are will be learning Science in the afternoons.  We are looking at predicting what would happen to ingredients when they are mixed with liquids and are exposed to heat or cold.

It awesome listening to the students share their knowledge about food technology and how their families experiment with ingredients at home too especially with baking and making play dough or slime.

These are pictures from last week when students made jelly. They had to predict what may happen and then discuss what they had just observed.  We later got the chance to eat the jelly and explain what we thought happened and why we thought it happened that way too (after they chilled the jelly in the fridge).


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